Water and Low Viscosity Dosing Pumps

Water metering pumps are essential for precise dosing of water and other low-viscosity fluids. However, the properties of water, such as its viscosity and corrosiveness, present challenges. At Slack and Parr, we’ve devised innovative solutions to these issues.

We select materials for our pumps with care to resist corrosion. Specialised materials are used to prevent chemical reactions with water. Our pumps feature Magnetic Coupling Sealing to prevent leaks and ensure dependable performance, even in harsh conditions.

The selection of bearings is vital. We use specialised bearings designed to endure the demands of water metering applications and the high speeds required for efficiency. Our pumps excel at accurate dosing, even at minimal flow rates and high pressure. By maintaining a laminar (pulseless) flow, we guarantee consistent delivery without fluctuations.

Our pumps are designed specifically for water metering and dosing needs. They are suitable for various applications, including industrial processes, water treatment, and chemical applications, providing reliable results.

In conclusion, our water metering pumps, which combine advanced materials, precision engineering, and application-specific design, meet the demands of accurate dosing. For reliable water metering solutions, trust Slack and Parr.

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SPA-R High Viscosity

A versatile multi-purpose bare shaft, foot mounted single inlet / outlet pump suitable for a vast range of applications.

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A versatile multi-purpose single inlet/outlet pump with interchangeable sealing options.

Flow Rate
Flow Rate
Differential Pressure
0.03 l/min 0.675 l/min 150 bar
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